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haeckels bog myrtle incense cones

Bog Myrtle Incense

Haeckels is a natural fragrance and skin care brand based in the town of Margate on the Kent coast. All products are born out of a love and appreciation for natural ingredients and their passion for cultivating fragrant plants and herbs indigenous to the UK that heal and care. All hand-crafted products are formulated in their Laboratory where they distil locally growing botanicals that offer the very best anti-oxidant properties. 

Bog Myrtle thrives in the harsh conditions of the northern hemisphere with a long history of being found on the hard to reach paths of mountainous regions and at the top of cliffs along the coastline. The aroma is sometimes comparable to that of cloves and is often used in flower bouquets for its fragrant qualities which compliment other floral scents.  


- Myrica Gale (Bog Myrtle) oil

- 25g (approx 20 cones)

- burn time:15 mins approx. Scent longevity: 2 hours