Terracotta Oil Burner

Terracotta Oil Burner

Located in Falmouth, Cornwall, ceramicist, Sam Marks produces wheel thrown ceramics considering function and form. Inspired by nature and the natural aesthetic of the Cornish Coastline, Sam respects the organic quality of clay using minimal glazing where necessary.

The Ceramic Oil Burner is crafted of 3 separate, stackable pieces - a base plate, a stand to encase the tealight and a glazed bowl for oil and water placement - all designed with purpose to enhance the ceremonial experience of oil burning.

To use, fill the bowl with warm water, add a few drops of scented oil and light your tealight. To ensure your bowl does not burn or over-heat, top up the water level periodically and do not allow to burn dry. 

  • D9 x H7cm approx.

  • Stoneware / terracotta mix

  • Unglazed body / glazed oil dish