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Kloss Brush XL
Kloss Brush XL

Kloss Brush XL

Poppy Lawman is an English designer based in Oslo, Norway. Her brush designs are explorations of form, locality, sculpture and utility, with each piece made to be enjoyed in and out of use.

The Kloss series is a collection of sculptural brushes celebrating materialism. From form to texture they highlight the individuality and pleasurability of the materials they are made from. Long ribboning wood grains from Ash heartwood pair together with ivory horsehair to create objects that call out for you to draw your fingers along to experience their contrasting tactile surfaces. 

- size XL: H 25 x W (base) 12 cm approx.

- made from ash heartwood, natural white fibres and horse hair

- handmade in Norway

- each piece is unique and may differ slightly from one another