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Hinoki Bath Stool

Hinoki Bath Stool

Made from revered Japanese cypress wood, Hinoki has natural anti-bacterial qualities that make this particular timber the perfect material for the bathroom. Prized for it’s high oil content, Hinoki has been used for centuries in Japanese baths because of it’s water repellent and deodorising qualities.

In Japanese tradition, it is customary to wash before entering the ofuro (bath). You would typically rest on the stool and rinse yourself from an accompanying hinoki bucket. The hinoki would release a warm lemony scent when wet.

In contemporary homes, the stool makes a useful minimal table when placed next to the bath to rest towels and soap etc…

Note: The nature of hinoki wood is that it has high natural oil / moisture content and oil markings can sometimes be evident in the side grain.

- 27 x 17 x 23 cm
- made in Japan