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Clay Mixing Bowl 18cm
Clay Mixing Bowl 18cm

Clay Mixing Bowl 18cm

Muchelney Pottery was founded in 1965 by John + Lizzie Leach. John comes from a pedigree of traditional pottery craftsmen. Both his grandfather, Bernard Leach, and father, David Leach, studied and developed traditional pottery craft for which John trained and eventually formed Muchelney. Now working alongside potters Nick Rees + Mark Melbourne, Muchelney continues to produce functional, hand thrown pots inspired by land + travel using locally sourced clay from pits across Devon, Dorset + Cornwall.

The 14.5cm mixing bowl features Mulcheney's distinctive 'toasted' finish and glazed on the inside. Perfect for mixing sauces and dressings with spout for ease of pour.


- H10 x W18 approx

- clay | lead-free glazed

- finish can vary due to high firing process

- dishwasher safe