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Pelegrims Conditioner

Pelegrim's intention is to formulate low intervention, active skincare formulations that work in harmony with the skin supporting it to heal and rejuvenate itself.

An every day cleansing shampoo infused with 1% Wild Nettle Extract, Kentish Apple Cider Vinegar and Pinot Noir Grape Extract. Provides intense cleansing to remove product and dirt build up around the follicle whilst strengthening, protecting and softening the hair.

The conditioner is a lightweight blend that encourages shine and moisture retention for a healthier head of hair. Vegan Keratin and Pinot Noir Grape Extracts work quickly to nourish and soften hair.
Scented with English Peppermint, Tuberose and Fresh Grass

- 100% natural ingredients

- Made in the UK

- 250ml x 2