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Natural Row Gauge Organic Cotton Socks

Natural Row Gauge Organic Cotton Socks

Yahae is a small sock manufacturer located in the town of Koryo, Nara, Japan. Formed 200 years ago, Yahae continues to nurture traditional manufacture, and champions ethical consumption through sustainable practices.

These organic cotton socks are knitted on a vintage Bentley machine in Japan. This means they are knitted slowly using a lot of yarn and have a gentle hand-knit feel.

The yarn is a blend of quality, pesticide-free, un-dyed natural organic cotton.

Suitable for both men and women, our socks are available in 2 standard sizes:

Small (4-6) | Medium (7-9)

- 92% organic cotton, 7% nylon, 1% polyurethane

- 30° machine/hand wash