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Xotehe Basket
Xotehe Basket
Xotehe Basket

Xotehe Basket

The Yanomami people are indigenous to the Amazon rainforest between Vanezuela and Brazil. Using small strings of bark, roots, and native titica vines, Yanomami women weave and decorate baskets used to store and carry plants, crops and food. 

These unique Xotehe baskets are shallow in design and make useful decorative objects in the home, simple storage bowls or perfect as a bread basket.

Sizes vary due to handmade nature. Handmade from natural tatica vine with some baskets featuring stripes of natural died pigment.

Small D27 x H6cm approx

Medium D32 x H6cm approx

Large D40 x H6cm approx

- 100% titica vine

- hand-woven in Brazil