Organic Zoo

this is a story about a girl growing up with
little, but feeling like she had a lot.

organic zoo, warmly shares her heartfelt
journey growing up in communist poland. in those challenging times, paulina vividly recalls standing in long queues with her mother,
patiently waiting to purchase essential items like bread, milk, butter, and eggs with their coupons. the world around them seemed perpetually gray and cold, but paulina and her sisters
discovered a unique refuge in their boundless

encouraged by their loving parents, paulina and her sisters embraced their creativity, weaving vibrant worlds filled with joy and colour. in a time when toys were scarce, they found solace in their make-believe games, crafting
captivating stories, and creating imaginary
places. nature became their playground, and their vivid imaginations brought endless possibilities to life.

despite the hardships imposed by the regime, paulina’s childhood was defined by simplicity, resilience, and a carefree spirit. it was a time when the power of imagination and the wonders of nature held more value than material possessions. these experiences eventually shaped paulina’s
vision for organic zoo, a brand inspired by the freedom and simple joy she cherished during her formative years.

paulina’s story serves as a beautiful reminder of the enduring human spirit, the importance ofnurturing creativity, and finding happiness in the little things that truly matter.

(workshop "The Space" july 2023)