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White Donabe Steamer Pot
White Donabe Steamer Pot

White Donabe Steamer Pot

Nagatani-en is an eighth generation family-run earthenware manufacturer based in Iga, Japan. Igá-Monó are their celebrated Donabe made from clay unique to the region. Donabe are Japanese earthenware cooking pots which can be used over an open flame and also in the oven.

These oven to table donabe have an unglazed base with a simple off-white glaze on the remaining exterior and interior. Due to the porous nature, the earthenware will crackle naturally over time. The crackling will not effect the pots performance but it is recommended to periodically boil a handful of rice (starch) which will help to protect the longevity of your pot.

The donabe steamer pots are suitable for cooking meat, vegetables, broths and casserole dishes. With the steam plate in place, you can steam ingredients easily whilst simmering simply prepared dishes below.

- D27xH18cm (2-4 people)

- to be used on gas hob (not suitable for electric or induction)

- handwash with non-abrasive sponge

- made in Japan