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Aestas Incense Cones

Aestas Incense Cones

Essence + Alchemy is a British fragrance brand committed to sustainable and ethical industry practice. Environmental scientist and E+A’s founder, Lesley Bramwell, marries her dedication to nature and the environment with her passion for alchemy and the science of wellbeing to produce fragrance products that respect the planet from the ingredients through to the packaging through to the minimal waste impact.

The lighting of incense is a ritual, a connection to the elements often evoking a mental state, which goes far beyond the physical manifestation of it’s scent.


Inspired by the ancient practice of seasonal alchemy , Aestas, the latin for Summer, is enchanting and mystical with benjamin tree resin with its vanilla-like aroma. Richly infused with florals and a hint of wood evokes the magic of midsummer in bloom.

  • pure essential oils

  • 15-20 mins burn time per cone

  • 15 cones