Âme Ritual Tray
Âme Ritual Tray

Âme Ritual Tray

Belgian designer, Marlies Huybs, explores form by applying the 'hand-built' method to clay resulting in objects that are a reflection of her love for the medium and her poetic visual language. Marlies' work embraces an intuitive process that takes an imaginative journey often arriving with a finished piece that is irregular in texture and form and always unique. 

The Âme Ritual Tray is a tactile piece mainly unglazed to accentuate the texture of the natural dark clay and partial parts within the tray have been glazed with delicate brush strokes allowing it to be used to hold items if desired. 

  • D13.5 x H4cm approx.

  • Unglazed body / partial internal glazing 

  • Clay fired at 1250 degrees