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The New Naturals

The New Naturals

Written by Jennifer Haslam, The New Naturals celebrates 18 homes worldwide that prioritise well-being and the environment. These residences seamlessly incorporate eco-friendly elements and use natural materials to establish a nourishing connection with nature.

The featured properties encompass a diverse range, from beautifully renovated Victorian homes in London to charming Italian summer houses, serene New York retreats, and contemporary Australian new builds. Notable figures such as Louisa Grey (House of Grey), Jonathan Tuckey, Jack Harries, Alice Aedy of Earthrise Studios, Sebastian and Brogan Cox, and many others are the creative minds behind these homes. While they all share a common commitment to eco-conscious design elements like clay walls, reclaimed wood, stone, and natural paints, their visual aesthetics are wonderfully distinct.

These contributors are trailblazers in embracing a slower, more sustainable way of living. Whether it's a simple touch of paint, the artful repurposing of existing items, the use of sustainable materials, or the discreet integration of modern technology, all of these choices come together to present a vision of how we should live, both now and in the future.

- 29cm x 22cm

- Colour

- Hardcover

- 272 pages

- English