Togarashi Shichimi Spice Mix

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Togarashi Shichimi Spice Mix, also known as seven Japanese spices, is a traditional blend first created in 1625. Delivering a warm heat that builds slowly rather than burning with an original spicy kick. Excellent sprinkled into soups, noodles dishes, fish & meat tartares or carpaccios.


The Wasabi Company are an award winning family-run business with farms in Dorset and Hampshire, specialising in growing and supplying fine Japanese ingredients. The first in Europe to successfully cultivate wasabi - The Wasabi Company now supply all kinds of wasabi products to top chefs, retailers and home cooks alike.

Ingredients: Red peppers, yuzu peel, black sesame, seaweed aonori (enteromorpha), Sansho (zanthxylum piperitum), hemp seeds, poppy seeds

For allergens, see ingredients in bold
- 100g
- Vegan
- Store in a cool, dark place