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Mother's Milk Tapered Candle Bundle

Mother's Milk Tapered Candle Bundle

Wax Atelier is a London based creative studio founded by designers, Lola Lely + Yesenia Thibault-Picazo. Honouring traditional techniques, Wax Atelier explores the craft of candle dipping, paper making + crafted textiles using natural wax. 

The tapered candles can be placed in a pot of sand/grain or simply melt the base and steady in a ceramic cup. ‘Mothers Milk’ is a blend of green tea wax and white beeswax. When lit, these candles release a subtle aroma of matcha tea and honey. 

  • Green tea wax | pure beeswax | organic cotton wick
  • H20 x D1cm
  • Bundle of 6 tapered candles
  • Burn time approx 2.5 hours