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Cherry Blossom Bamboo Incense
Cherry Blossom Bamboo Incense

Cherry Blossom Bamboo Incense

Produced on the Japanese island of Awaji-shima, Chisuseiko Bamboo Incense has been crafted by generations of specialist ateliers who have pursued the potential use of bamboo and it's by-product as well as a respect for the craft of traditional Japanese incense. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Chisuseiko incense is the result of carbonising bamboo to a charcoal that burns with reduced smoking and has an air-purification effect.

A celebration of Japan's national flower, the soft + delicate scent of Cherry Blossom will transport you to a moment of springtime renewal. 


- 80g (approx 100 sticks)

- bamboo | bamboo vinegar | natural perfume

- made in Japan