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Mesh Body Scrub Towel

Mesh Body Scrub Towel

Sasawashi is a natural antibacterial and deodorising fabric woven of a combination of the strong, durable paper yarn, Washi, and Kumazasa, a hardy plant based fibre grown in northern Japan and revered primarily for its natural antibiotic and deodorant qualities.

The process of blending Kumazasa and Washi ensures this unique fabric harnesses the natural properties of its organic components producing a versatile fabric that has excellent absorbency, is gentle on the skin and is naturally antibacterial.

The mesh structure of this exfoliating towel forms a rich lather when used with soap for an invigorating wash. The oil-absorbing properties of Washi paper will remove excess oil from your skin and leave you feeling refreshed. Can be used with or without soap.

- 27 x 93cm

- 30% washi paper | 70% cotton

- machine washable

- made in Japan