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Land & Water Candle

Land & Water Candle

Inspired by the Northern coast of Cornwall, Pix Ashworth has collaborated with leading apothecarist and perfumer Richard Howard, to create Land & Water. Each product distinctly blended for invigoration and calm. Each recipe uses natural essential oils and actives to evoke the therapeutic benefits of time in the elements, recreating the fresh skin invigoration we feel on the shoreline. The whole collection also embodies painstaking care for the environment that has inspired it.

Experience the refreshing fragrance of natural wax, enriched with the harmonious blend of warm mandarin and cool mint essential oils, creating an invigorating atmosphere during your moments of relaxation.

These candles offer a clean and soothing scent, meticulously crafted at a sustainable farm in Cornwall. They are made with a gentle mixture of mineral and vegetable waxes, and hand-poured to ensure a consistently even burn.