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Boxwood Curved Kitchen Knife

Boxwood Curved Kitchen Knife

Founded in Solsana, Spain in 1917, Pallarés continues the region's long tradition in knife-making. The goals of traditional manufacture are of the utmost importance to Pallarés who continue to create knives of the highest quality, each sharpened by hand. 

The Pallarès kitchen knives are perfect for food preparation, fruits and cheeses. The blade is carbon steel, chosen for its superior sharpness. Carbon steel will naturally develop markings with use, a natural characteristic of the material. It can rust if left wet so it is important to dry your blade between uses and store in a dry place. Olive oil can be applied after cleaning to provide a protective layer that will limit the oxidation. The blade should be sharpened periodically to maintain its quality.

Available in 4 blade sizes:

9cm | 11cm | 13cm | 16cm


- Boxwood handle / carbon steel blade

- hand wash only

*By placing an order for any knife, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. All knives must be used responsibly and appropriately.