ida vikfors

I D A   V I K F O R S


a Finnish artist, has always had a fascination with different materials, surfaces, and textures.

From a young age, her hands have played a more
significant role in experiencing art than her eyes.

With a background in pattern design and expertise in artisan textiles, Ida’s work revolves around creating subtle textured surfaces that come to life as light reflects upon them

Ida’s artistic process involves incorporating a mix of materials, with a strong presence of nature and its raw elements.

The resulting pieces exude a minimalist expression, evoking a sense of calm and care in the viewer.

The interplay of light and texture in her artworks
creates a dynamic and ever-changing experience.

Through her art, Ida Vikfors invites viewers to explore and appreciate the beauty of texture and surface.

Her creations evoke a tactile response, encouraging the audience to engage with the artwork beyond visual perception.

With an emphasis on the transformative power of light and the inherent qualities of different materials, Ida’s art captivates and delights in its unique and multidimensional aesthetic.