Louisa Charlotte Oates


exhibition at workshop "The Space" june 2023



a collection

Louisa Charlotte Oates

a designer, maker specialising in hand woven cloth

‘ being part of the entire process and journey of the garments is fundamental to me and my design philosophy’

From the field to form

From thread

To textile

To garment


is a opening exhibition of my constant evolving collection.

Continuing my true passion of celebrating the form the cloth and the cultural traditions they carry.

It’s a slow and silent dialog

Speaking of simplicity and natural sculptural construction

The garments are made entirely by hand

Holding a spirit

‘ I strive to make my garments with a soul’

Allowing the cloth to take the leading role

In this

Creating a unique space and relationship for the wearer.


a collection of my latest work

The name tapestry’s

Comes from my late Italian grandmother

Who was a great designer maker thinker

Weaving and painting throughout her 99 years

I was recently passed down her studio smock

She would wear whilst she worked and pottered

I hold this very close whilst I work

She is a constant inspiration to me and my practice

Her effortless beauty and strength

She held a courageous style


Yet meticulous in the small quiet details

Emulating modest, but outstanding grace.

Again I repeat myself

I hope / strive my pieces to give this feeling of serenity and inner graciousness to those wearing them.