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Brume d'oreiller

Brume d'oreiller

MarieJeanne creates unique fragrances by selecting the finest raw materials from the capital of perfumery, Grasse, France.

Inspired by traditional perfumer's formulas and guided by Georges Maubert, a fifth generation perfumer, these original fragrances are conceived and developed with a true passion for fragrance. 

Brume d'oreiller Fragrance Mist

Part of Marie Jeanne's collection of all-natural fragrance mists, Brume d'oreiller can be used in the home or as a personal fragrance.


Bergamot (Italy) reduces stress and calms the mind

Mandarin (Italy) promotes sleep with its soothing aroma

Neroli (Tunisia) helps to combat panic attacks and promotes physical relaxation

Sandalwood (New Caledonia) reduces stress and promotes emotional balance



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