Tea - Remembering The Essence of Life

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Explore the Way of Nature, Cha 茶 (tea), and meditation. Through this book, discover the philosophy and practice of tea through stunning visuals, enlightening insights, and peaceful meditations. Immerse yourself in the poetic verses that will elevate your daily mindfulness.

This eco-friendly book features recycled materials and uses responsibly sourced materials from French forests. The cover is painstakingly dyed with pu’er tea, creating a beautifully weathered wabi-sabi aesthetic.


Not only is Jade Brunel the author of this fascinating book "Tea, Remembering the Essence of Life", she is also a facilitator of tea, meditative and creative experiences. Through the language of tea, nature, and the healing arts — Jade supports her community navigating the phases of life with peace.

- Self published
- 200 pages
- 21cm x 27cm
- Printed in France