Braided Household Hemp Brush

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These household brushes are expertly crafted in Japan, with a focus on quality and precision.  This small yet elegant Japanese brush is made with durable Trachycarpus fortunei palm fibres bound together by copper wire. It is the ideal tool for delicately sweeping and dusting. It can also be used to wash dishes and sinks. It is braided and can be hung in the kitchen to dry. 



In the Kishu region of Japan, formerly Wakayama Prefecture, hemp palm product manufacture has flourished for centuries. It was in 1950 that Yoji Fukami, began working with hemp palm rope and founded Fukami Sangyo which has spent more than 70 years devoted to the advancement of natural materials, carrying on a long-standing legacy of excellence and environmental responsibility. Drawing on traditional techniques for creating cleaning tools, their skilled craftsmen carefully handcraft every item, using their unique manufacturing methods to enhance the original process.

- H14cm x W6cm
- Hemp Palm
- Copper + wood bound
- Made in Japan