Golden Forest Syrup

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Distilled by a process known as Kusaki Nectar, a distilling process of aromatic trees produced in Japan. All ingredients, with the exception of the sugar, are extracted from natural aromatic wood from the mountains of Japan.
An aroma component known as Phytoncide is contained in several native Japanese trees and once extracted and distilled, has a gorgeous refreshing and sweet aroma of citrus and berries. Studies have shown it has a tranquilizing effect on those who enjoy it.
The graphic on the label is based on the image of a chimera tree called “Arbol Mirachroma” (meaning “miracle tree” in Latin), which is a fusion of the six types of trees used in this product.


Japanese Botanical Lab is a research institute which collects, catalogues, and experiments with previously undiscovered plants. The aim is to discover new potential foodstuffs from the vegetation that lies dormant in the wild regions all over Japan. Through experimentation, wild plants products are developed which can become a delicious natural part of our diet.

Refrigerate after opening for up to 6 months.

Ingredients: aromatic distilled water, fir/momi , Japanese hemlock/tsuga, Japanese cedar/sugi, Japanese cypres/hinoki, red pine/akamutsa, indera umbellata/kuromoji, sugar, citric acid