Oil Treated Oak Bath Brush

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This oval palm held bath brush is crafted in oil treated oak wood with horse hair and tampico bristles. Horse hair is a soft and pliable material making it the perfect choice for use on the body. Whilst the bristles are sturdy and durable, they also have a certain elasticity. Along with the use of a good soap, the brush gives a soft and comfortable lather for thorough exfoliation.  Rinse the brush after use and let it air-dry on the bristles to avoid the water further dampening the wood.

Iris Hantverk is a renowned Swedish brand that specialises in the ancient art of brush binding. By collaborating with skilled craftsmen from diverse backgrounds, they create brushes in accordance with a long-standing Swedish tradition. The brand's goal is to reinvigorate the traditional brush binding trade and produce functional, well-designed products using natural materials and the craftsmen's expert techniques.

- H4 x L15.5 x W6cm
- Made from oil treated oak wood, horsehair + tampico fibre