Palo Santo Wood Sticks

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Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood.

Burning Palo Santo in your home is said to cleanse the space of negative energy and provide clarity of mind. 

Our Palo Santo is sourced directly from Peru through a sustainable process, ensuring that the ultra fragrant sticks are always harvested from naturally fallen trees and never cut down by force. 


At Workshop, we believe in finding balance through simplicity, slow living, sustainability, and connection. Our carefully selected 'own brand' goods reflect our values and design style, making your experience with us all the more meaningful.

To use: Simply light the stick and allow to smoke then slowly walk throughout your home whilst the smoke drifts into the space. This is ‘smudging’. Hold until the stick burns out ready to be used again.

- L10 approx

- 100% palo santo wood