Peanut Rayu Extra Hot

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Peanut Rāyu Extra Hot has added chilli d'arbol that gives some extra oomph alongside the crisp and crunchy  fried garlic, roasted peanuts and sesame, gochugaru (Korean Chilli Flakes) and a house-blend of chilli. Agave brings the sweetness and tamari brings the salt. 

Its a true everyday sauce and has a right-full place alongside nearly every meal. 


White Mausu create Asian inspired chilli oils known as rāyu, a condiment made from a vegetable oil base infused with chilli peppers and other ingredients.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, *peanuts, sesame, agave, crispy garlic, Korean chilli flakes, salt, tamari (*soya), chilli d' arbol
* allergens

- 240g