Ivory Inner Pile Towel

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The Inner Pile collection is an ultra luxurious, fluffy in texture textile that feels incredibly soft on the skin. The loose weave makes it fast drying and incredibly tactile.

Respecting the traditional production of Senshu towels, washing and bleaching the towels after weaving removes starch, oils, and other impurities in the fibre allowing better absorbency while preserving the soft texture.


Manufactured in Osaka, Japan, these cotton gauze weave towels are designed to be highly absorbent, soft to the skin and fast drying. Shinto Towel have over one hundred years of knowledge and technical experience. Wishing to preserve the traditional production of Senshu towels, traditional looms are still used to create these unique textiles. However ever evolving ideas, techniques and materials have kept the quality at its highest and sustainability at the forefront of their operations.

Available in 3 sizes:

Wash cloth 23 x 23cm

Hand towel 29 x 82cm

Bath towel 63 x 130cm

- 100% organic cotton

- Machine wash / fast drying

- Made in Osaka, Japan