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Exclusively created for The Wasabi Company by Marusho Vinegar of Wakayama, this sushisu is an expertly balanced fusion of classic rice vinegar and naturally sweet mirin. Tailored as the perfect seasoning for sushi rice, it equally excels in enhancing vinaigrettes and seasoning various rice dishes or steamed vegetables.


The Wasabi Company are an award winning family-run business with farms in Dorset and Hampshire, specialising in growing and supplying fine Japanese ingredients. The first in Europe to successfully cultivate wasabi - The Wasabi Company now supply all kinds of wasabi products to top chefs, retailers and home cooks alike.

Ingredients: Rice (73%), Honmirin (27% - rice 23.4%, rice mold 2.9%, brewing alcohol 12.9%, sugar 48%, water 12.8%)
- 300ml
- Supplied by Marusho
- Vegan
- Refrigerate once open and use within 3 months