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Wasabi Powder

Wasabi Powder

Specialising in fresh wasabi and premium ingredients sourced from Japan, The Wasabi Company offers an extensive range of authentic Japanese groceries. Complementing their selection are fresh ingredients cultivated on their farms in England, ensuring a diverse and high-quality array of offerings.

Wasabi powder is created from real wasabi (wasabia japonica), Japanese horseradish, and mustard. This powder provides a convenient way to savour that iconic kick. While fresh wasabi roots can be labor-intensive to prepare, and certain parts must be consumed immediately, this delightful condiment offers the genuine Japanese spicy taste with the added benefit of an extended shelf life.

To enjoy it as wasabi paste, simply mix one part of the powder with one part of water. It's a classic accompaniment for sushi or sashimi, complements fish wonderfully, and pairs excellently with various meats.