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The Space

From our very beginnings back in 2013, we have continued to champion connection and collaboration with creative and inspirational businesses both large and small.  We are proud that, in 2023, our collaborative spirit persistently steers our evolution with the addition of The Space. 

Over the months June to December, we will be hosting some of our favourite brands, designers and friends that we have had the privilege of meeting, working and collaborating with over the years. 


Located opposite our Workshop Store + Coffee Lab, The Space is a stand-alone store with flexible usage over two floors. Designed as a pop-up venue, The Space can be used for retail, events, workshops and any innovative short-term use you may have in mind. 

For more information on terms and availability, please contact us in the first instance at the following email 



June 2023, 8th - 9th    Louisa Charlotte Oates    details

 June 2023, 16th - 17th   Curate & Rotate    details

June 2023, 24th - 25th    On The Table    details

July 2023, 1st - 31st    Organic Zoo    details

August 2023, 1st - 23rd    The Simple Folk    details

August 2023, 26th - 27th    JOYN    details

September 2023, 16th - 17th    DRESSMITH    details

September 2023, 21st - 24th    On The Table    details

October 2023, 1st - 31st    Menteath    details

November 2023, 1st - 7th    OMHU    details

November 2023, 10th - 14th    Curate & Rotate    details

November 2023, 23th - 24th    Our Daily Edit    details

 November 2023, 25th - 29th    Ilk + Ernie    details

December 2023, 1st - 31st    Organic Zoo    details